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Marlow Barksdale


Marlow Barksdale. Author. (Pseudonym)  

Services Performed for Marlow:

©Full Circle Publishing of two audio books:

Go Off The Grid By Marlow Barksdale
Personal Defense and The Right To Bear Arms by Marlow Barksdale


Brief Description of Project: 

Marlow Barksdale does not consider himself an author. He considers himself a politically-minded member of the community. He chooses to remain anonymous and donates all the proceeds from his books. Despite the fact that our political orientations to not align, he hired me to breath life into his viewpoints and ideas. Full-circle publishing is my "ghost-publishing" process by which I use my editing, writing, graphic design, and audio engineering skills to transform someone else's ideas first into a book, and then into a narrated audio book (back into sound), so that they become an author, not just of an E-Book (which is an over-saturated market) but of an audio book (the fastest growing niche in publishing).


Testimonial from the man Marlow Barksdale himself:

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