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Taylor J. McBride. Author and Graphic Designer. Personal Bio and relevant graphic design expertise and links to social media.

About Taylor J. McBride

  • Are you a business owner, who just realized your website gets jumbled and confusing when viewed from a cell phone?
  • Are you already very successful in business and interested in using social media to grow your brand, you just aren't sure where to start?
  • Are you a visionary with a startup idea, in need of branding advice, marketing materials, and a logo design?

If so, you are in the right place. I bring a sturdy foundation, with years of experience in marketing management, which supports the advanced technical skills I have in graphic design and web development. To top it off, I have a proven track record of launching social media campaigns, writing original content, gaining clients, donors, and lifelong friends through every social media platform from Craigslist to LinkedIn.

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Taylor J. McBride Bio

I'm a displaced Southerner. In 2009, I moved to Northampton, Massachusetts. At the time, I played internet poker for a living. After "Black Friday", as it is known in the industry, the day that the F.B.I. filed a suit against, I was left with two choices, move to an off-shore tax-haven like Costa Rica, or find a new profession. 

I settled in over time, finding a career in Sales and Marketing, and an education in Philosophy and Political Science. Despite my humble beginnings in the beach town of Wilmington, North Carolina, I yearned for a city-scape, cluttered with noise, and rich with activity. In 2013, I relocated to Boston.

History of Cynical Saints Publishing

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Cynical Saints Publishing began in 2015 as a hub for me to publish my own books. My projects gained amazing fans and talented contributors, much more talented than myself, and they added fuel to my fire. Through repeated failure, my skills as a creative director increased slowly. My first book was like a batter wincing and wildly swinging, eyes-closed, at an off-speed pitch, yet to reach the plate. Luckily, my father, Jeffrey Wayne McBride, always told me, "Taylor, if you're going to be dumb, you gotta be tough." Jeff was the first of many great mentors who have taken a special interest in my development.

My best teachers have always told me that I owe them nothing but simply to "pay it forward". It is very important to me to give back to others in the same way that so much has been so freely given to me. My debt to my benefactors and mentors can never be paid off. One way that I practice this core value of giving is that Cynical Saints Publishing is a "sustainer" member, donating each month to support Boston's NPR station, 90.9 WBUR, whose interesting and inspiring programs have helped stimulate my creativity for 3 years. Another way that I give back is by volunteering at least 8 hours a month to help those who struggle with drug addiction to find recovery.

Also, I'm eternally grateful to the Boston Public Library and all the teachers and staff at The Network Technology Academy Institute in Malden, Massachusetts for my formal education in graphic design and web development.

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